About Us


Welcome to Bloomcare Ltd.

Bloomcare Ltd is dedicated to providing quality personal care in each client’s home ensuring comfort, dignity, excellence, compassion and respect of all our multicultural clients and their families. We have a dedicated team of health and social care professionals who are passionate about the services we provide.

We’re proud of the values that set us apart. Our outcome-based service is to support you get the best exceptional service. We will work in partnership with our clients and staff to provide the most effective service and tireless dedication to accomplishing our expected objectives.

At Bloomcare Ltd, prioritising self-care is of great importance to our staff and our Clients. Promoting a culture of pampering and self-care among the elderly is an integral aspect of our services.  We can plan spa days for our Clients, where beauticians and chiropodists visit their home directly as an extra special treat.

Encouraging older people to practice self-care activities and take the extra time to pamper themselves can be a fantastic way to promote self-worth through better physical care. This can make a huge difference to social lives and mental health. Encouraging elderly people to look after themselves, through methods such as getting regular haircuts or having their nails done, can have a significant effect on their willingness to form and maintain relationships with friends, family and the community.

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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